My primary doctor diagnosed me with Shingles. The medications prescribed didn’t help the excruciating pain so I was referred to Comprehensive Pain Clinic. From the first phone call I knew I wasn’t just another new patient. These people cared about me; not my insurance or bank account. Their compassion has been incomparable.

For my first appointment Dr. Shaheen increased one of the medications prescribed by my primary. Unfortunately, the results were no better. I then made an appointment for an epidural. Dr. Shaheen and his exceptional staff explained to me and my wife in detail everything that had been done and what to expect. Neither of us had any questions.

That was 2 days ago. I have felt periodic relief from the shot but not much. My follow up appointment is tomorrow and I am sure that whatever can be done will be.


My latest appointment with Dr. Shaheen was yesterday. The combination of the epidural and RX has been a success. Currently, I am experiencing little or no pain. “Grateful” doesn’t begin to express what I am feeling after dealing with the severe pain caused by Shingles. I have NEVER experienced such pain and pray I never will ever again. One thing is for certain – I will gladly get the immunization for Shingles every year from now on. There are no words to express my gratitude to Dr. Shaheen and his staff.

Thank you.
Alan – Middletown, CT

I’m a 71 year old male with a history of diabetes and hypertension, a bad right knee with over 12 surgical procedures and 3 replacements. This brings me to telling the story of 4 years and 11 months of intense toe pain! The pain started on the day of my 3rd knee replacement. After seeing so many different specialists and having over 40 treatments and/or procedures not only could I not get “any” pain relief, nobody could diagnose my condition.

Dr. Shaheen diagnosed the problem, explained the procedure would be both diagnostic and a possible temporary cure. I have been without pain since December 19th 2014, except for the diabetic neuropathy which was there all the time masked by my joint problems. The pain I had was an 8-9 24/7 I now simply have discomfort.

I cannot thank Dr. Shaheen enough for his skill and concern as I’m sure you will agree on your first visit as well.

John – Plantsville, CT

Other Testimonials

Dr. Shaheen is as professional as it gets, extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy in pain management! I actually can’t wait to go back!

— John – North Haven, CT

My back pain was out of this world, I couldn’t handle it any longer, I’m now able to run again for the first time in 8 years!

— Sandy – Branford, CT

Dr. Shaheen and his staff are amazing! From the first visit I couldn’t have felt more comfortable! Getting better after every treatment!

— Michael – Cheshire, CT